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Kimono Bolo Ties are here!!

Tokita Kobo released new items: Kimono Bolo Ties.

We respectfully got inspired by the Native American Culture. And we blended Japanese Kimono culture and Native American culture.








This bolo tie was crafted from brand new Kimono cotton fabric. It is a piece of Japanese cultural history.

The pattern displayed is Asanoha Monyou (Hemp leaf) in red fabric. Asanoha is a common design in Japan and it is believed to bestow health and long life.

Color:Red and white, blue and white

Shape: Oval
Materials: Kimono Cotton fabric, resin, metal bolo slider, metal caps, metal feathers

Size: 3cm x 4cm  diameter

Storage and maintenance: Stored at room temperature, avoid strong direct sunlight (it might turn yellow )

Allergic information: metallic


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Born in Tokyo and grew up in several prefectures such as Ibaraki, Chiba, Fukuoka, Hiroshima, Singapore then ended up settling down in Toronto, Canada. Love my traditional culture and Love sharing kimono with many people in many ways.